About Us

Cretecon Rafts Foundation Services

A raft foundation is a reinforced steel and concrete foundation.  The NHBRC requires the construction of raft foundations on certain ground classifications such as clay, dolomite, turf or collapsible soil.  Raft foundations are also utilized on ground conditions not specifically requiring a raft, as the turnaround time on construction thereof is shorter than that of a conventional foundation and less logistical planning is required from the client.

Cretecon specializes in the design and supply of raft foundations.  Our services include earthworks and land surveying, as well as engineered layouts on each project.  Earthworks consist of leveling and compaction of the stand (1000mm bordering foot print of ground floor).  Construction of a raft foundation consists of ground beam excavations, steel reinforcement, formwork, 250 micron SABS plastic and 20 Mpa concrete (unless specified otherwise).

Cretecon Reinforced Concrete Slab Services

Cretecon cast its slabs into its form on site. This is done by erecting formwork (or scaffolding) that covers the area of the building that requires a slab. Once the formwork is in place, the deck is then levelled to ensure that the ceiling of the slab is level.

The next step is to fix the steel according to engineers’ specifications. Once the concrete has been cast, the formwork remains for at least 7 days after which 70%-80% of the form work is stripped.

The remaining props are then removed after a further 14 days. We are comfortable with all different methods required by engineer to erect scaffolding.

Cretecon Construction Services

New homes / buildings

We provide a turnkey service in terms of the construction of new homes and small / medium size commercial buildings (i.e. office blocks and retail complexes). In conjunction with partnered architects and engineers we are able to assist clients from concept to final product.

• Drawing up and registration of plans

• Engineer plans and requirements

• Project Management

• Construction

• Compliance certification

Cretecon, being the contractor, takes care of all the construction requirements whilst utilizing our architectural and engineering partners to provide the professional services. We do however also work well with client appointed architects and engineers.

In instances where the client prefers to manage their own projects we are also willing to provide sectional quotes on wetworks, foundations, slabs and finishes.

Renovations / Extensions

At Cretecon we understand how worrying it can be to allow contractors into your personal space. Not only is it a security consideration but also a concern in terms of the way in which the contractors work, cleanliness and safety precautions.

Having been in the renovation / extension field for an extensive time now we pride ourselves on having learnt best practice methods and techniques in order to produce excellent end results.

As specialist renovators we are able to:

• Preserve existing structures and architecture as required

• Have experience in dealing with heritage sites and the renovation thereof

• Provide full modifications and a brand new look where clients prefer to do so

• Advise on the practicality and give inspirational ideas for renovation projects

To this end we provide services such as:

  • Bathroom & Kitchen Revamps

  • Electrical & Plumbing services (Qualified Electrician & Plumber / COC’s issued)

  • Floors: Tile, Laminated wood; Vinyl, Self-levelling Screed; Poxy etc.

  • Walls: Plaster, Rhinolight, Damp treatment, Paint, Tile etc.

  • Roofs & Ceilings: Repair & Replace, Waterproof, Rhinolight, Paint, Thatch roof, Skylights etc.

  • Aluminium doors & Windows; Kitchen

Why choose us

 Our teams maintain a strong foundation of trust and mutual respect generated through positive relationships with clients, architects, engineers, sub-contractors and suppliers; ensuring the highest degree of professional service and quality products. Our teams take pride in their work. We strive to provide value through reasonable prices and quality workmanship, warranted by engineer certificates